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How To Make A Pretzel Necklace


If you’ve been to a beer festival, you’ve probably seen a pretzel necklace or two. These little munchable masterpieces are important accoutrements to beer drinking for many reasons. For one, they’re great palate cleansers. When you’re sampling the wide variety of beers you’ll have access to at a fest like BeerHoptacular, your palate can get tired and a little nibble on your neck noms will help keep it fresh. It’s also important to eat while you’re drinking so that you don’t get too slushy. Because safety is important, people. Stay responsible. And then there’s the most important reason: they make you look awesome.

Because we believe in the power of the pretzel necklace, we’ve put together a guide for making your own baked bling for the big day!



Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You’re going to need a few things. You’re going to need some pretzels and you’re going to need some string. Got it? Okay good. Pizza works too, but it’s messier, so you should probably just stick with the pretzels.

Step 2: Put The Pretzels On The String

This is the tricky part. Start by holding a pretzel delicately in one hand, then grab the end of a piece of string in the other. Then carefully thread the string through the pretzel’s natural hole and slide the pretzel into position. Did it work? Good. Now repeat until there are a lot of pretzels on the string.

Step 3: Start Over Because You Ate Or Crushed All The Pretzels

Be honest. You did, right?

Step 4: Tie The String

Tie it. In a knot. You probably learned this skill when you learned to tie your shoes but if not, here’s a little primer.

Step 5: Be Finished

That’s it! You’re done. You’re now ready to tackle BeerHoptacular.

God speed, beer drinker, may your glass always be full and your necklace always be pretzels.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

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