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Featured Beer: Pipeworks x Toppling Goliath Collaboration Double Creature Feature

Pipeworks Brewing began making “small batch, big beers” in Chicago in 2012. Founded by Gerrit Lewis and Beejay Olson, brewer Scott Coffman joined soon after. Never one to shy away from the opportunity to make a unique beer, the guys from Pipeworks teamed up with Chris Flenker, lead brewer of Toppling Goliath Brewing in Iowa to bring to life “Double Creature Feature;” a big double IPA loaded with juicy, tropical hop flavor, spice and fruit. It’s a rare treat from two breweries known for going big on hops.


“We’ve always enjoyed various types of collaborations, some of which are more or less normal. We’ve done some collaborations with bars and friends. Chris [from Toppling Goliath] told us he was going to be in Chicago for an event. He’s been here a few times before and we hit it off and he let us know he was going to be in town and loosely asked us if we could do a collaboration. We’re glad to do a collaboration with a well-known brewery like Toppling Goliath.” — Scott Coffman


“It started with the concept of ‘what style?’ You can go crazy with barrel-aging or something over-the-top weird that might be polarizing to some people. I was thinking ‘you know what, we do a lot of hoppy beers that people love, you do a lot of hoppy beers that people love. How about we start with a DIPA?’” We wanted to go super silky with the body so we added some oats to it. We added a lot of wheat to it to give that sweetness and more of a mouthfeel and to keep that haze in the beer.” — Scott Coffman


“We wanted to add fruit and spice, so it’s sweet and spicy. We started playing with ideas, which fruit, which kind of spice? Kate, one of our brewers, has a friend who’s always bringing various fruits and vegetables and had brought these lemon drop peppers. They’re a very cool yellow, spicy but also have a really cool citric character. Chris from Toppling Goliath also brought along some of his own habanero peppers.

For the fruit, we thought pineapple and spice go great together, so we combined those two along with the hop additions we’re doing. We tried to use the most tropical strains, of course the juiciest like Citra, Mosaic and Equinox. Equinox has a cool lemon lime character that helps juice it up a bit more.” — Scott Coffman


“I’ve added the first dry hop addition with Equinox and the pineapple so we still have one more drop and then we’ll add the spice. It’s a double IPA first and foremost so you’re going to get a lot of that juicy hop character. At the same time it’s going to have crazy complexity, it’s going to have the actual fruitiness from the pineapple puree, but it’s also going to have this kick, a nice little back-end heat that just tingles and makes it fun to drink. The idea is to have the balance of the juicy hops, the juicy fruit and the spice kick all playing with each other.” — Scott Coffman


“The day that Chris visited to brew, we had a lot of fun. We took photos, had some beers and discussed our processes. Everybody works on different systems, so he was checking ours out, he was interested and curious so it was fun. The day turned into a 14 hour day, most of which was just hanging out afterwards, sharing beers, sharing stories. It turned out to be a great collaboration. It’s especially fun when you get to collaborate in that sense of truly utilizing things from both breweries rather than just having them come over and brew a beer that you came up with on your own. It’s definitely satisfying knowing the finished product was a true collaboration of minds.” — Scott Coffman

*The pictured beer was pulled during primary fermentation. Its color and clarity will change after the beer is cold crashed.

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