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Featured Beer: Destihl Plum Sour Stout


Destihl Brewery started out in Normal, Illinois in 2007 opening its first brewpub while attending beer fest and competitions hoping to attract distributors. Now in 2016, with a second brewpub open in Champaign, a production brewery, and a line up of award-winning beers, Destihl has begun to build off of that momentum, rounding out a lineup of canned sour beers. Destihl sales representative Mike Thiel tells us about the fourth seasonal offering, Plum Sour Stout, that the brewery will be pouring at BeerHoptacular.


“DESTIHL’s Wild Sour Series launched about three years ago in late 2013 initially as draft only, which enabled us to figure out which sours we wanted to put into cans and how we really wanted to make the beer and make it consistently on a larger scale. Of course, there were plenty of challenges and decisions along the way, which enabled us to learn and grow. This allowed us to pick the best beers for the initial can launch while still doing fun, experimental draft-only sours at the same time. Our sours have a larger and further reach than many other styles, so that’s why we’re in a lot of markets both near and far due to that demand and uniqueness.” – Mike Thiel


“We brew a lot of traditional, German-style sour styles in this Series, like a Gose (Here Gose Nothin’) and a Berliner Weisse called Counter Clockweisse, but then we also have some boundary pushing, fun experiments like our Smoked Gose, which uses smoked sea salt and smoked malt. I had some trepidation about this one initially, but when it when it was finished, I thought the brew crew did a really good job with it. So, hats off to our brewers. It has this unique, next-level mesquite flavor to it without being too Rauchbier-like. It was probably one of the more sour beers we’ve done in that series.” – Mike Thiel


“The Plum Sour Stout is a nice bridge between a lot of different styles. Our sours are, as I like to say, not exactly your entry-level sours. Usually more of the experienced beer drinker that knows sours and are looking for them but also the type of person who likes sour candy looks for a beer like this. This beer has an initial sour punch, but one that quickly becomes less aggressive from the balance of the stout sweetness and plums.” – Mike Thiel


“This beer really delves into what our sours are known for, that no-holds-barred acidic sourness while being incredibly flavorful, while also bringing in the roastiness of a stout. It also has the unique fruitiness of a plum with a little bit of sweetness as well as a subtle spiciness that really gives this beer a lot of layers. Whenever we use fruit in a beer, it’s always the real thing, not an extract. We try to have fun with it.” – Mike Thiel


Saturday, November 05, 2016

BeerHoptacular takes place over two sessions on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at the awe-inspiring Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. For the sixth time, Chicago craft beer fans will come together to celebrate their love of American beer culture and sample from an enormous selection of beer.

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